Tumor Microenvironment  (TME) Targeting Technology

Our early-stage FAP-α activated prodrug technology attempts to limit a ligand’s ability to bind with receptors on healthy cells, to prevent off-target delivery and improve therapeutic index

The way our tumor microenvironment targeting technology attempts to achieve this is by using the presence of fibroblast-activation proteins, which is expressed in over 90% of epithelial cancers but not expressed in healthy cells, as a switch that activates the radioligand.

Dr. William Bachovchin of Tufts University / Bach Biosciences developed the TME Targeting Technology and licensed it to Avacta Life Sciences, who subsequently branded the technology as pre | CISION™ (an Avacta trademark). POINT has secured a sub-licensing agreement with Bach Biosciences and Avacta that provides us the right to apply the technology to radiopharmaceuticals globally.