February 25, 2020

Point Biopharma launches with Radiopharmaceutical development focus

Toronto - POINT Biopharma, a newly formed  pharmaceutical company, is combining a seasoned management team with  strategic partnerships in radio-isotope supply, manufacturing technology  and novel direct to patient targeting to revolutionize  radiopharmaceutical drug development and commercialization. Working  closely with its scientific advisors, the Company anticipates  commencement of its clinical trial programs in 2020.


Dr.  Joe McCann, PhD has assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer.  An  industry veteran with more than 10 years of proven radiopharmaceutical  experience, Joe was most recently the CEO of Centre for Probe  Development and Commercialization.  Dr. Neil Fleshner, an  uro-oncologist, with more than 400 authored papers, has assumed the role  of Chief Medical Officer and Michael Gottlieb, CPA, the former head of  Sanofi Genzyme Canada’s Rare Disease Business joins as Chief Financial  and Commercial Officer. Collectively, the leadership team has 50+ years  of experience in all aspects of the drug development process, including  clinical trial design, manufacturing and commercialization.  In addition  to Dr. McCann and Dr. Fleshner, the board includes Allan Silber, POINT  Biopharma Executive Chairman and former CEO of Street Capital Group Inc.  and Counsel Corporation, and Howard Glase, CEO of Verity  Pharmaceuticals.

“Radioligand therapies are leading the fight against cancer,” said Dr. Joe McCann, POINT Biopharma’s CEO.  “These  next generation drugs are extending patients’ lives and provide a  better quality of life compared to the standard of care.  This win-win  profile will push these treatments to the frontline of cancer care.”  Dr. McCann continued, “The  POINT Biopharma leadership team has the expertise and the commitment to  bring these new therapies to market quickly so patients and their  families can benefit from this powerful and life-changing technology.”

Dr.  Johannes Czernin, (Professor/Vice Chair, Department of Molecular and  Medical Pharmacology and Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of Nuclear  Medicine) a scientific advisor to POINT Biopharma adds, “I am  impressed with the overall safety and efficacy profile of radioligand  therapies as compared to the existing chemotherapy options for  patients.  POINT Biopharma is on the fast track to success.”

Dr.  Vikas Prasad, (Vice Chair and Senior Physician Department of Nuclear  Medicine University Hospital of Ulm Germany) a scientific advisor to  POINT Biopharma adds, “Having seen these next generation radioligand  therapies first hand with my patients, I am confident that these will  be a game changer for the market.”

Dr. Kim Chi, (Medical  Oncologist at BC Cancer – Vancouver and Professor of Medicine at  University of British Columbia ) a scientific advisor to POINT Biopharma  shared, “Radiopharmaceuticals are positioned to assume a  significant role in the oncologic toolbox as safe and effective options  for patients and the POINT team is at the forefront of this work.